Paccar Parts has just announced an upgrade to key elements of its marketing.

It comes off the back of a major rebranding decision: Paccar Parts' retail offering, 'AllRig', will no longer operate as a separate sub brand. Allrig is now Paccar Parts.

'For us it wasn't a difficult decision. Why operate under a separate retail badge - our customer research has told us that Paccar Parts is seen as the benchmark for quality, parts availability and expert staff. For our loyal AllRig customers, nothing changes except the name', said National Sales & Marketing Manager John Everett.

As part of this move, the team at Paccar Parts have also been busy with a new marketing campaign.

Everett said that recent research of the trucking industry had confirmed the perception of Paccar Parts leadership in parts availability and dealer service. 'This is the cornerstone of our brand story - our reputation comes from our people, our parts' quality and our parts delivery systems. We get it right'.

The new brand work includes an updated logo design, a revamped catalogue, dealer point of sale and industry advertising.

Some things won't be changing. The much-loved Loyalty Card program remains and existing customers will receive a new card early in 2015.

For more information please contact Marian Dekker,
PACCAR Parts Sales & Marketing Services Manager: / 03 9721 1842