News reports throughout the developed world continue to emerge of organised crime gangs and professional car thieves gaining access to high end vehicles fitted with some of the most sophisticated electronic car security systems in a matter of seconds.

The availability of cheap electronic devices via the internet, such as immobiliser modules, GSM jammers, wireless detectors and encryption duplicate key programmers continue to expose serious security issues for vehicle owners, manufacturers and law enforcement agencies.

Not only are these relatively cheap electronic devices available on the internet but many come with tutorials on 'How to unlock a car in seconds.' They even provide advice on reprogramming a key using radio transmitters that are designed to trick the car into thinking that the owner's key is present.

On-board computers in the vehicle are being accessed via the diagnostic port which is connected to the ECU thus enabling a thief to reprogram a blank key and drive away. The bad news continues as some vehicle immobilisers can also be accessed directly via the wiring loom providing easy access to the smart criminal.
Statistics indicate that more than 54,294 vehicles were stolen in Australia last year and whilst the vehicle manufacturers are working hard to improve the security, the professional car thief is never far behind and the problem is a global one with an ever increasing overseas black market for stolen car parts.
There are not any hard statistics available for how many attempted car thefts occur that are classed as vehicle damage.

Whilst this is the gloomy side, many motorists are successfully turning once again to manual locking devices for additional security.

One such device has defied the most experienced of car thieves is an Australian designed and developed locking device called 'COP-LOCK' - a  simple mechanical locking device which attaches to the brake or clutch pedal. The new 'COP-LOCK' was designed and developed over a period of more than two years by a retired Australian Police Officer and Police Prosecutor with a vast experience in car thefts.

The latest model 'COP-LOCK's' size, weight and ease of use make it user friendly for any driver and tests have proven that it is virtually indestructible unless attacked by an oxyacetylene torch.

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