WITHOUT a doubt the best-known motorcycle brand on the planet is the iconic American company Harley-Davidson.

A brand that has been with us since 1903, when Bill Harley and Arthur Davidson shook hands across the saddle of their first bike in a small Milwaukee workshop, it is also one of the most wanted by just about everyone.

Harley-Davidson, like Ferrari in the car world, is one of those brands that even has followers buying and adoring its merchandise when they cannot afford the actual product.

Even with such massive global recognition and adoration, Harley-Davidson's Australian operation is a member of the Deadline family, the newest member in fact, joining the Bikedeadline site in August last year.

The reason, says David Turney, advertising, promotions and public relations manager for Harley-Davidson Australia and New Zealand, is because maintaining a presence in the mainstream media can be time and resource consuming.

"It is all about efficiency, about attracting the media and dealing with it on a number of levels," Mr Turney said.

"With Bikedeadline we could see a place for our brand.  It (Bikedeadline) has a very good platform and because there is a large media contingent we just don't know, the site helps us get our stories out, helps achieve better brand recognition.

"The Deadline guys fill a lot of gaps and there is some good crossover there as well with the car, truck and motorsport sites.

There is the potential for information to flow through related topics.

"We want to make sure that when people think about bikes they are thinking about us and because of that we are absolutely finding happiness with the Deadline site."

And for a brand that has been with us for more than 110 years, that has fought in two world wars, been a sporting star, a movie star, a poster child and the subject of countless magazine spreads, is a by-word for motorcycles everywhere and is hugely aspirational, that is an impressively strong endorsement.